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Veteran Support

Veterans on our team find a mental escape while at the track and enjoy the comradery the paddock offers. Additionally we partner with nonprofit organizations that focus on alternate therapies for veterans.


Vet2Track whose mission is to help veterans deal with PTSD by getting them involved with trackdays  / races (including support from therapists) and the camaraderie of the track. Learn more at

NEVA – New England Veterans Alliance Inc is a non-profit organization that cultivates veterans of all conflicts regardless of age, gender, preference or orientation and their families through peer contact and alternative wellness. Learn more at

Blackall Racing offers the complete fan experience! Not only do they have a great racing program on track but they offer the most welcoming and interesting off track experience for fans. While other teams simply allow fans to see their pit setups, Team Blackall invites fans in to check out the race bike, build a care package for a deployed Soldier (they are a very Veteran focused and supportive team), get autographs and team merchandise, and talk one on one with rider (Tony) and Team Manager (Janet). This experience leaves a fun and lasting impression for fans of all ages and backgrounds!

Army Veteran
Eric James

Being on Blackalls Racing Team was amazing (wish there was a better word) the minute I got there I was treated as if they have known me for years, I was able to learn new things about the bike literally get my hand dirty learning something new. I was able to put everything aside and just be part of a team again, made me feel like no had some self worth. Like I was able to help this family this team that is putting everything on the line to make a difference. I was blessed to experience somethings that people dream of doing but one the thing that was the biggest impact to myself was after a long day of fast motorcycles, fast work, fast walking all day lol it was the first time in YEARS probably 5 where at the end of the night we all sat down, ate dinner and just laughed for hours! No judgement no worries no care just a sense of freedom my face hurting from laughing so hard. We where able to bounce of stories and I felt connected again like for once someone out there gets me. Vet2Track has done so much in my life like many before me before Vet2Track was Introduced in my life I was in very dark place one that has never gotten that dark before, I was stuck in a spot/situation I couldn’t find the way out. (I was suicidal and the VAs solution was they wanted to send me to inpatient to receive help, it was 60days and I wouldn’t been able to see my own daughter, as a single mom that’s not realistic) That week I went for my first track day and I truly couldn’t even process that day until I was 2 hours in to my drive home and I could breath again I felt relaxed my Brain was able to stop thinking for the time I was on the track. I had no worries except what was the very next turn. It’s a process for me, and everyday struggle, I was so so so lost and I finally feel stronger again, I can breath again. I can see the changes it is making in my life everyday. Somedays are harder than others but those moments I was able to experience on and around two wheels give me light, gives me fire and something to look forward too. I see it when I make sure to keep myself healthy, I see it in my parenting and I also see it when I look in the mirror. This isn’t a over night thing for some people but I feel like I have that support backing me like they really have my 6. I never could have gotten out of that dark place with out the help of people I have met. I hope the know how much of a impact they have made.

Army Veteran
Sara Parsens

Congratulations on your first full year of pro AMA racing! It was so nice to spend a weekend with you guys. You were (and are) so welcoming and caring. Most riders have personalities that are bigger than life. Tony is so down to earth and open about the team and absolutely welcoming about his racing and the team. Janet keeps everything together while making sure everyone is taken care of and making sure there is food to go around. Such great people and working for veterans (as veterans), giving so much back. What an awesome group and great effort. Congratulations!

Jeffery Pedelety


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